Discord commands

Safety Card/s


If a conversation is getting too uncomfortable or activating you negatively, please use this safety card.

Event Creation

/events create

You will be led through an interactive setup. Events can be scheduled in #notifications to avoid getting buried in conversations.



To give an ancient proverb to discourage someone from rolling on a banner recklessly without sparking, or without foreseeing that better banners will be available in the future.


Pain of Yurius


Dramatic Djeeta disassociating (useful when someone else gets a sand and you don't)


"This tastes terrible Sandy, but I'll grind it for you."


Immunity Lily to save your gacha from Golem of Bad Rolls


"A few more minutes until the grind is over" "So what happens when the grind is over?"


"You don't know? That's when the grind begins." (duplicate of the above)


Shaa's 10ft tall women comic for Tiamat enjoyers


Just in time for Guild Wars!


Pie chart with Not Lich 99.7% and 0.3% chance of Lich. Ripperoni

Soundboard — use wisely!

-sb tia

-sb kenkyu

-sb planB

-sb skill3