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What's our community like?

The Returners started as a very small community but has since expanded to house two crews. We still have a relatively cosy and friendly feel: the crew is mostly open to crew members, retired members or select friends.

Apart from the general Granblue Fantasy shenanigans, there's also a lot of hanging, friendly jokes and chilling out. Participation in the crew discord is not mandatory for The Returners, but since Seventh Heaven is about personal growth, it is nice to get to know you and say hello once in a while!

We're LGBTQ+ friendly and do our best to create a welcoming environment. Chasing and focusing solely on the meta is always secondary: it's always the community and the players first. We discourage looking down on others and instead prefer to help each other out. There are safety cards, memes, the occasional Jackbox party and an ever-expanding list of roles to select from or to be granted one of your own. 

The Returners

Crew members: 29/30

Seventh Heaven

Crew members: 30/30