Welcome to the Returners Library

This wiki/library is made in an effort to organise written documents, material and general information for our community. Discord is fantastic for chatting and general updates. As our list of written material, community lore and role meanings grows,  I thought it would be helpful to have all our information in one place.

— Bunchou, aka Tamafry


31 October: Added Hexachromatic Hierarch to Raid Help.

28 April: Finished transferring all relevant guides to the library and put in a form to suggest resources. Recruiting new members as well!

27 April: added the domain name returners.org and put in more placeholders for guides. Also added the form for roles and updated crew history.

Past Updates

25 April: Added Siegfried raid guide by Kaya and Woomie, added Apply to join

24 April: Made the site structure.

Comments or questions? Email: captain@returners.org